Canada is considered one of the most exotic and authentic hunting destinations in the world. With the population of Canada being smaller than that of the United States, but with a more significant land mass compared to the US, Canada has some of the best hunting spots in the world, due to the vast unexploited natural resources, which are home to some of the big game animals.

In Canada, we have some famous shooting clubs which admit both residents and non-resident members. These clubs have minimum conditions which prospective members have to meet for them to be admitted to the clubs, and hence it’s necessary that you first familiarize yourself with these conditions, before joining your desired club. Shooting clubs as many hunters opine, play an essential role, in that shooters get to practice using different firearms, with a recreation avenue where non-shooters can enjoy shooting competitions, among other reasons.

On this site, we shall focus on shooting in Canada with emphasis on the famous shooting spots, hunting safety and etiquette and finally, some of the renowned shooting clubs in the region.

Hunting in Canada

When choosing a hunting destination, it’s necessary that you are familiar with the laws of the region and what you need to do before planning that trip. If you are a non-resident, you should start by getting the right document such as a visa and passport or border crossing permits, getting your firearms cleared if you are planning on bringing your own weapons. You also undoubtedly need to know how you will cross with your spoils at the border because laws require that you get permits to cross with game animals.

Hunting Spots in Canada

Canada has some of the best hunting spots with big game. Experienced hunters are thrilled by the experience of having to hunt some of the biggest game to get some hunting prize trophies. This region is a destination for many hunters because of the vast land with different areas hosting a variety of hunting activities. In this region, you will find white-tailed deer and bears. Go through this section, as we have listed some of the best hunting spots in Canada and what you need to know before going on a hunting trip. On the list, you will find some of the famous hunting spots and which big game you are sure of hunting. With the help of experienced hunting guides, you may find yourself on the list of big game hunters on the leader board.

Safety and Etiquette When Hunting

Safety is paramount when hunting, because you are in danger, just as your hunting partner or other people who are there and just going about daily activities. Many shooting facilities and lands in Canada are privately owned, and it is required that you follow the rules set by the owners. Some of the things which you should know, are that several unwritten rules need to be followed, such as respecting the landowners, respecting the land by cleaning your camping sites and looking for good places to set up your shooting stand in ways that you will not need to cut so many tree branches. Also, respecting other land users because as stated earlier, most lands are privately owned, and owners conduct other activities such as farming and cattle rearing.

Famous Shooting Clubs to Join

With shooting being a preferred pastime and professional activity in Canada, several clubs boast of a rich history in offering the best indoor and outdoor shooting facilities. We have listed some of the famous shooting clubs in Canada where you can enrol for the best experience.