Shooting as a sport in Canada has a rich history and it’s practiced in different ways around the country for both competitive and recreational purposes. Each province in Canada has its own rules governing various disciplines of the sport. Most of the shooting disciplines in Canada are connected nationally and internationally and in turn governed by larger international bodies. Some shooting disciplines have also been showcased at international games such as the Olympic games.

It’s important to note that shooting clubs in Canada have different rules and laws depending on the territory of operation hence one should first familiarize themselves with the territorial laws before joining any shooting clubs. Some Universities and colleges in Canada have student-run shooting clubs which are not as controversial as you may think because in shooting it is as much about the social life as it is about developing skills such as patience, respect, and critical thinking.

Shooting Clubs in Canada

Shooting clubs in Canada are open to both resident and non-resident members who meet requirements set by each shooting club. Shooting clubs are very important especially to the veteran shooters who would like some company when practicing their shooting skills and also for amateur shooters who would like to learn from the experienced shooters. The following are some of the famous shooting clubs in Canada.

Campbell River Gun Club

The Campbell River Gun Club is one of Vancouver islands premier shooting clubs on the island and as opposed to other clubs on the island which combines both gun and fish clubs, Campbell River Gun Club is entirely a gun club. The club has been in existence for more than 55 years making it one of the oldest gun clubs in the region and serves both residents and non-residents by providing an ideal place for shooting and also enjoy shooting competitions. The 200m range and the 600-yard range provides the club members an opportunity to shoot using shotguns, shot rifles, and the pistol.

Swiss Rifle Club Calgary (SRCC)

The Swiss Rifle Club Calgary (SRCC) was started back in 1970 and mainly consisted of Swiss-Canadian members who wished to engage in traditional shooting disciplines that are common in Switzerland. However, the club currently admits non-Swiz members. The club uses specialized electronic targets on the 300 meters shooting range and only Swiss military ammunition is allowed, but members are allowed to bring their own rifles and ammunition to be used on paper targets. The club provides free shooting guns to members and their guests but you will have to incur the cost of purchasing your ammunition.

The Aurora Gun Club

The Aurora Gun Club is located in Ontario, Canada and is one of the earliest shooting gun clubs in Canada having been established back in 1958. The club prides itself as being a family friendly club and which accommodates different shooting styles and disciplines. With a membership number of around 500 shooters, the club is a preferred shooting destination and has produced some past and present shooting champions who have performed exceptionally picked as part of the Canadian Olympic Shooting Team.

Before joining any shooting club ensure that you go through all the requirements and only commit yourself after you have fully understood the rules and laws of the club. Also, it would be more enjoyable if you tagged your friend along for more fun when at the shooting club.