While most hunters focus on hunting for game meat, there is a group which prefers big game hunts for trophy animals from the best species in the area. With their survival instincts, big game animals with the largest skulls have survived many predators; with their altered habits and challenging weather patterns, it will take patience and experience for these trophy animal parts. Canada, having some of the best hunting spots in the world, is an excellent place to go on a trip, especially with your friends or club members.

Before heading out on a hunting mission, you need to ensure that somebody is aware of your whereabouts with the help of some technology such as a GPS locator, which will ease the situation, in case your phone network fails you when deep in the field, when tracking the big game animals as a prize trophy. Its also recommended that if you are not so experienced in game hunting, a little shooting practice will go a long way, especially if hunting the bigger animals. Also, you may secure the services of a mentor who is familiar with the terrain of the hunting field and who will help you out when obtaining licenses, tags and permissions.

Hunting Spots in Canada

Every hunter has a dream hunting destination, and with Canada being one of the most preferred countries, we are going to focus on some of the famous hunting spots, where many hunters have been able to accumulate prize trophies. When out on a hunting trip dont gamble with gun safety; ensure that you follow the rules and etiquette.

  • Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

Non-resident hunters from the United States and other parts of the world frequent these provinces for hunting trips because of the large number of species of big game. With the significant population of whitetail deer and black bears, the region is one of the most visited hunting spots in Canada, especially for hunters looking for prize trophies.

  • Yukon Territory

The Yukon Territory is another famous hunting spot and lies to the north of British Columbia. With a population of slightly more than 35000 people, the province has vast unexploited areas which are home to several big game animals. The region is ideal for hunting stone and dark sheep, mountain goats, black and grizzly bears, and the Alaska-Yukon moose.

  • British Columbia province

This is a fantastic black deer hunting spot, especially along the Pacific coast of the mainland and Vancouver Island. The black deer in this region are known to be significant in size, because of the abundant salmon-rich diet along the coast, making them ideal for trophy hunting. In the southern region of the province, there are plenty of white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk, bighorn sheep and mountain lions among others. The British Columbia province is so famous among hunters that it has produced the current world records for rocky mountain goats, Canadian moose, and stone sheep prize trophies.

  • Ogilvie Mountains, Yukon

The Alaska-Yukon moose, as the name suggests, is mainly found in Alaskan and Yukon regions. This species is considered the most giant moose of the deer family all over the world, and if you want to hunt the biggest of these deer, the ideal time is in September, when the moose shed their fur and are easy to spot.